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Alternative Accommodation Thread 2016

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Steve and I'm a student ambassador for BU here on TSR.

    Accommodation is a hot topic in the BU forum at the moment, and I've noticed that a few of you have been asking if there are any other options outside of the 'standard' halls/ Unilet accommodation.

    If you're looking for a housemate to share with in private lettings or want to meet others who might be living in the same alternative accommodation building, then this thread is for you!

    For anyone unaware of the alternative accommodation options (halls-type residencies that aren't associated with BU but just as viable), here's the link to some more information.

    Steve Moss

    Hey everyone, Im looking for some housemates to share with in a private letting

    Good luck to all new applicants! If you receive an offer and are still unsure about where to live, I am offering my studio flat at Mercury House which is a brand new building built last year. I was going to move in this September, but then decided to take up a placement in Manchester. Mercury House is in the town centre, super close to all the shops, clubs, the beach and bus stops that go to uni. Rent is £180 a week, including bills, WiFi, insurance, a private bathroom and kitchen. The common room area has multiple TV screens and table football (plus cool surfboard decorations!).

    Although Mercury only offers studio flats (not shared), the team there organises regular socials to help make new friends. To be honest though, if you prefer a bit of our own space, a bigger room ( I got anxiety from living in my cage-like room in regular halls), want less party noise / 3am fire drills, BUT still want to be close to all the action - then Mercury House is a really great option (hence why I chose it). Trust me, living with a bunch of random and often disrespectful people in a poorly managed house cramped with students is a lot less fun than it sounds. Save the shared living experience for when you actually know who your friends are! (*cough* that's what 2nd year is for).

    For more details, please message me x

    Hey all, we're currrently looking for someone to fill a room in a house share in Pine Road, about 20 minute walk from Bournemouth Uni's Talbot Campus. If interested please drop me a message and I'll get back to you
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Updated: June 18, 2016
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