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I used a translator for my French Speaking Prep and I got caught. Help!

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Right, before you start calling me an idiot or whatever I would like to explain briefly what happened.

    So I have a French Speaking exam soon, we have been asked to do prep at home for the questions we need to answer. I first wrote my answer in English (like I did for my writing) and then I translated it into French by myself, as I find translators are often inaccurate. However, sometimes when the dictionary isn't very helpful I use translators, sometimes for one sentence or just for one word, not for the whole thing. If there is a large translation I always usually go through it and check if it makes sense and change words, so it's essentially my work.

    How I got caught?

    My friend (sort of contemplating if he should still be my friend) baited me out by writing a note which hinted at me using a translator because my teacher asked me if I had anybody do the work for me and I said no, which is true.

    Well, when she found the note she found out I "cheated" and I'm in this desperate situation now. There are two scenarios, one is ideal and one is worse case scenario. The ideal scenario is that I just have to go to the detention next week and that's it. Worst case scenario, is that they are going to talk to an assistant head, report me to the exam board (AQA) and seek consequences. I predict that they will probably ban me from exams on their exam boards, which will hinder my future as most of my exams next year are AQA.

    Yes I'm a stupid idiot for using it in the first place, but please, someone assure me it won't go that far. I cannot afford to sit only Maths and ICT next year. Other subject controlled assessments going on right now doesn't really make my life easier as they take a lot of time.

    I didn't realise it was that serious. We used to do that as well and the teacher would be able to tell because on the translator, the grammar is a bit off but she'd just fix it. I feel for you man

    1. Nothing wrong with what you did
    2. Deny it anyway
    3. If you don't take at least 5 teeth from your friend's mouth you lose

    Pick your friends wisely kids.......................

    In all honesty though, Nothing can happen even if they do report you as I don't think it goes against any AQA rules.

    Sources: Teacher encouraged us to do it.
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    (Original post by Bulletzone)
    Pick your friends wisely kids.......................

    In all honesty though, Nothing can happen even if they do report you as I don't think it goes against any AQA rules.

    Sources: Teacher encouraged us to do it.
    I will next time. Also be careful of what you say and to who...

    Also, got some good news. On AQA, it basically says i haven't broke any rules

    Page 4, stage 2

    (Original post by LN1234)
    I'd speak to your teacher about it, and see if you'd be able to just go to the detention and re-write the ones you used a translator for. I'm sure it won't go very far- I doubt your school can afford to have a student be disqualified from most of their exams, so try not to worry too much
    i agree, do this
    but before re-writing it, learn a few phrases that you will need

    (Original post by Dench Man)
    This isn't very considerate.
    OP your worried in my state's school's arabic speaking test everyone was allowed to read of a paper. Ther rules were your not allowd to have a paper bigger than a5 more than 30 words. Well people brough in a4 pages with 120 word and read of it so...
    and i don't know aboutAQA but i believe edexcel certainly don't care.
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