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Advice needed. Royal holloway or Aberdeen?

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    Hey guys, so i received unconditional offer from royal holloway uni of London to study physical geography, as well as an offer from Aberdeen uni to study geography. I have no idea which one to choose, any advice? Maybe you studied in one of those, so could you share your experience? thnx


    I studied BSc Geography at Royal Holloway having just graduated this summer. I had the best three years, I found the department to be amazing both academically and socially.

    I did a fair bit of research before making my final decision and I'm pretty confident I made the right choice.

    I think it really depends on what you are looking for from the department and the university. Obviously location wise they are poles apart. I've never visited Aberdeen but one thing to note about RH is although it's a University of London it is technically in Surrey and has more of a campus community vibe as opposed to a city vibe. I preferred this as coming from living in a city before I wanted to ensure I got the campus university experience(which it certainly has). Transport wise it's roughly 40 mins to central London which in my first year I'd do every other week for work, with a 16-25 railcard it only cost around £10.

    Despite this, for me the most important thing was a department that had high student satisfaction score. You can find that info here. The Guardian is really good as it splits it up by each factor e.g. teaching, feedback

    I also wanted a department that was quite research driven so I knew the lecturers were important in their field and that as a student I'd have the opportunity to do a lot of my own research. You can find that information here for Royal Holloway, I found it harder to find the Aberdeen stats but I believe you can just filter the CUG University League table here to get the standard research quality results.

    If you'd like to know any information about the course, the social aspects or the university more generally just let me know .
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