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what are ur views on R.E?

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    (Original post by tamil fever)
    Do u find it interesting or boring and why?
    I picked it so am thinking if I should change the subject to Sociology or something
    Was compulsory (shouldn't be) but I got out of that absolute horseshit in the end!

    (Original post by Spock's Socks)
    I found it pretty interesting to learn about all the mainstream faiths even though I personally didn't believe in them. At first I only took RE as a standard grade choice so I would get a free period but I ended up enjoying it and took it as a higher the following academic year.
    RE can be interesting, but the actual element of comparison between them was almost nonexistent when I was there. Not only that, but even though the main GCSE syllabus was focussed mainly on three religions, it somehow managed to skim past all of the central tenets of each.

    Also your avatar is different every time I see you on here. It's very disconcerting.

    You have to learn facts.
    I found it easy:woo:
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Updated: June 17, 2016
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