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Why do remain pretend immigration is not an issue?

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    Why is it our resident inners pretend that immigration is not an issue. They seem to think having net migration of around 330000 per year is sustainable for housing health and education. Just a question why? I was reading a post from a deluded bloke called Jordan the other day who blamed the government for not building enough houses- whilst this may be a viable option lets do some maths

    300000/2.2(2014 average residents per house) this gives you 136000 ish houses to build there are 525000 minutes in a year so we would need to build a house every 4 minutes to keep up with this trend. The problem with housing is if you build too many there is a sharp fall in demand because there is a lot more supply meaning that current homeowners will take a hit on equity invested.

    Now on to schools, i read the other day there is record numbers of supersized classes between 30-40 people, the sharp influxes if EU (and non eu-not tough enough when kssuing visas) is having the impact of overcrowded classrooms, with many different languages spoke- a very challenging environment to learn in meaning that they will be behind when going to secondary school.

    Now health is another issue immigration changes has an impact on the health sector aswell. Many doctors practices are under strain if you sre letting a million people in every 2-3 years it is too much pressure on doctors yhey are overworked and getting an appointment is nigh om impossible

    Because they're deluded to think that the EU needs to be piled full of migrants otherwise we'd go incest.
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Updated: June 16, 2016
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