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Outstanding Fees

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    So I left my accommodation and handed in the keys around the end of January due to depression and unhappiness on my previous course and I have had a phone call from the financial office at the university today - trying to charge me £4,688.50 for accommodation fees. Originally before I left, a financial officer told me that SFE give you an extra year of funding in case you decided to take a gap year etc.. and that my current fees would be taken out of that once I return. Today to my frustration I was told that wasn't an option?! So essentially I have been misled, leaving with the knowledge that I'd be able to be charged the extra once I finish my course altogether. Now I'm told I can't even go back and start my new course without paying the full amount first, which nobody mentioned to me before leaving.

    SFE do give you a gift year in case of dropping out, however this isn't fees. This is accommodation payment which they are within their right to ask you for...Fees won't be taken out from other years, it's all worked out on a year by year basis

    Yeah you will have signed a contract to pay for your accommodation - this is completely separate to your fee loan.

    The extra year is in case you decide to drop out and change courses or fail a year and need to retake, but isn't going to pay off your debts for you.

    Unless you can get them to be lenient on the grounds of mitigating circumstances, you owe them the money I'm afraid.

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    lol 'trying to charge you'... you stayed in their accommodation... just because you didn't pay upfront doesn't meant you don't pay at all

    student finance will fund a spare year for you but you don't get to just put off your debts, what if you didn't return?

    you signed up to pay for a year so you have to pay for a year
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Updated: June 21, 2016
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