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Does anyone else get/feel this?

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    So for around 2 years or so (Since 2014) I started dating girls, a lot. This was due to meeting a new group of friends. It was a large group and I must have dated around 7 girls from it?
    Anyhow, there was this one chick who led me on for a really long while, she knew what she was doing whilst she claimed to be my bestfriend. Then my guy bestfriend and she got together and started ****ging me off. I'm not here to rant about that stuff but anyway.

    Since those times it honestly feels like I can no longer feel any form of affection for a girl. What I mean by this is I occasionally see a girl i'm attracted to, i feel that attraction but if we start speaking it all goes? It's really weird. Sometimes my head and heart feels like I want a relationship but 67% of the time it's the opposite.
    If I do start trying to speak to a girl I can't keep it up because those feelings are gone really quickly and Its like i'm trying to lead them on, which isn't the case.

    Does anyone else get this?

    Obviously you still want this other girl and haven't accepted or got over how she treated you. Also someone being best friends is meaningless.

    (Original post by WakingTheReaper)
    I must have dated around 7 girls from it?

    (Original post by BirdIsWord)
    Use your words and make complete sentences. Come on... You can do it.

    OP I think you'll be back to your normal feelings eventually when you meet the right person. Don't relate I'm not jaded but I can totally see why someone would be.
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Updated: June 18, 2016
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