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Masters or PGCE?

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    I've just finished my second year studying Biology at Imperial. I'm starting to think seriously about what I want to do after I graduate and I was just wondering if anyone could tell me about their experience doing a PGCE or MSc/MRes?

    I love learning about Biology so I was thinking of doing a MSc/MRes (at the moment I like the look of the Medical Microbiology course run by the London School of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine). However, I realised pretty early on I didn't want a career in research so, while I'm sure it would be helpful for getting some jobs, I don't know if I need it. I'm on target for a 2:1 at the moment so I'm not worried about my grades, but the work experience I set up for the summer fell through at the last minute so I won't have any experience in a lab outside of uni and I'm sure that will harm my application.

    If anyone who has done an MSc/MRes (especially in Biology) has some time please could you answer a few questions for me? What is it like? Do you know anyone who got a place without work experience? Do you think it would be worth doing without wanting to pursue a career in research?

    I am also considering doing a secondary PGCE. I don't like the idea of being a teacher as much as the idea of doing something applied with my degree, but I know very few people get jobs they actually want so I'm trying to be sensible. Another good thing about this is that I can afford it thanks to the government grants, unlike the MSc/MRes where I may struggle!

    Again if anyone has done a secondary PGCE and has some free time please could you answer a few questions for me? What is it like? How hard is it to control misbehaving children? Is it as stressful as everyone says?

    I'm not asking anyone what they think I should do, although if you want to suggest anything it's appreciated! I just wanted an idea what the two paths are like from people who have done them so I can decide what works best for me.

    Thank you so much for any help!

    (Incase it matters I am only able to go to universities in London or the South East due to my rental agreement)

    I've decided to do my masters first as I can get a discount from the university. Then I shall be applying for a PGCE, I thought that by having a masters it would make my application for the PGCE more appealing Hope that helps
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Updated: June 17, 2016
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