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EU Student Application Process

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    Hello dear SFE Team,

    I've sent off my loan application for EU students about ~6 weeks ago. I have made an SFE online account aswell because I did not realise that EU students can not apply online, at the time. However, I included by Customer Reference Number on my physical paper application non the less. This wont cause any issues or confusion, will it? (I made it clear that im not a UK citizen in the application)

    1) Today I realised that I have recieved correspondence letters on my SFE online account. It says "Medium: Post", but non of the correspondence letters reached me by post or email, not even the ones from 1-2 weeks ago. How can this be? I double and tripple checked by adress on both my online account and my physical application.

    2) In the correspondence section of the online account I have also recieved a (Financial) Notification Letter (1st June) in which it says:

    Course Fee amount: 9000 GBP
    Maximum Loan available: 9000 GBP
    Loan Request: 0 GBP
    Loan to be paid: 0 GBP
    The amount you need to pay to your current university/college: 9000 GBP

    Why does it say 0 GBP when I made sure to ask for the maximum available? I should technically meet the requirements.

    3) Provided things work out, what will the next steps be? I have not yet been requested to provide evidence for the household income, so I assume this will be the following step?. Do I need a UK bank account when I study in England? (As an EU student)

    Thank you for the help in advance!
    Im happy to provide my Customer Number via PN if this is necessary for some reason.
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    Im also looking for a suitable contact E-mail for SLC. I have only found phone numbers, which is very inconvenient for EU applicants.

    I found an SLC Email for EU applicants on my Universities home page, but when sending it off it said "Error 550 - user does not exsist". It must be old and out of use.
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Updated: July 1, 2016
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