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How much emphasis is put on GCSEs for Economics

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    I'm considering applying for Economics at either Warwick or Durham but I'm not sure if my GCSEs will let me down.
    I got 2A*s (Maths and Biology) and 9As
    For A level I'm doing Economics, Maths, Geography and Computer Science
    I'm hoping for an A*A*AA prediction - but I've been told with the new a level system some Unis won't look at your AS levels as not all schools would have done them, and therefore they'll place for emphasis on GCSEs and qualifications already completed.
    If anyone is currently studying Economics at Warwick and wouldn't mind sharing their GCSE results I'd be really grateful
    Thanks a lot

    I want to know this as well


    I joined Warwick to study economics back in 2012. I attained A*AAAABBBBBC at GCSE. Most of my peers had all A*s and As; I'd say 5 or 6 A*s average perhaps. I would not let your poor(?) GCSEs put you off. From my experience Warwick will assess your entire application before making a decision. If you achieved very high results in your AS exams (90+ UMS) try and find space on your UCAS form for these because this will do much to offset your GCSE worries in addition to showing Warwick that you are a late bloomer in terms of your educational attainment.

    Perhaps more important than your GCSEs results is your overall application. Do you have extra-curriculars? Does your personal statement reflect your strong interest in economics? With the ongoing Brexit saga you are blessed with many topics to research that economics often yields counter-intuitive answers to; for example, it is not necessarily efficient to support British manufacturers, buying fair trade is not necessarily good, and the EU's farming subsidies make no sense economically.

    If you still have doubts about applying to Warwick, ensure that you have a safe option on your UCAS form so that you can take some calculated gambles. If you don't apply you'll never know if you would've got in. The quality of Warwick's economics course has improved considerably in recent years. By the end of the course you would've studied what is comparable to a masters course in economics at some other universities. The course is challenging but rewarding; good luck!
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