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English literature year 10

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    I have my english literature exam coming up next week and I don't know how to revise it all I know, am going to be given unseen poetry and essays to write about Jane Eyre but I don't know how to revise it
    so anyone know any good websites and some tips I can use to get the best possible grades

    I can give you lots of advice on Unseen poetry!


    I'm in the exact same situation as you!
    What exam board are you?and what have you studied so far?
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    what are some tips I can use please?

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    am doing AQA and have only studied Jane Eyre and a few poems

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    (Original post by Naomeyz_01)
    am doing AQA and have only studied Jane Eyre and a few poems

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    I have my English exams Monday and Tuesday
    and i' ve done christmas carol,Macbeth and 10 poems from the love/relationships cluster.

    Tips (or how i revise and i got 30,30 for my most recent exam):
    - Learn a bunch of sophisticated words like say Macbeth for example( you can describe Lady Macbeth as associated with the 'femme fatales' and Machiavellian renaissance, she is vindictive,tenacious,grotesque imagery,anesthetist, subversion of societal expectations of women...)

    - Learn sentence starters(they add a sense of sophistication, flow and quality to your essay)

    -pick out the main quotes describing relationships between characters, how a certain theme is portrayed, presentation of characters and learn quotes.

    -Analyse the quotes in DETAIL.
    E.G: writer's intention
    affect on reader
    rhyme scheme/rythm
    multiple interpretations
    single word analysis (and when addressing the words use specific terminology like 'personal pronoun)
    Be evaluative

    -Learn more advanced techniques such as synesthesia, caesura, iambic pentameter, enjambement, internal rhyme..
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