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Do u find girls with boycut hair pretty?

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    I used to have boy short hair. Why? I hated the hassle of long hair and I just liked the way it looked. So I cut it short.

    Here are positives and negatives from a person who used to have a pixie cut:


    - It does look nice! When mine was cut my face was quite small and bony so it matched my features and made people focus more on my face than my hairstyle
    - You stand out more - a vast majority of women have long hair
    - You look more confident - most people consider cutting your hair to be wild and risky so let them think you're a daredevil
    - The hassle of washing and drying it is shrunken significantly - washing it takes half the time and drying it even less - I just let it dry naturally most of the time
    - It doesn't get caught in anything and no bother tying it back


    - Unfortunately, ideals and expectations of genders are still held - that is, girls are 'supposed to' have long hair, so you will find lots of guys saying they hate short hair
    - Depending on how you look you can be mistaken for a guy! As short haircuts are so rare and if you wear no make up and dress very tomboyishly, it's very possible you can be mistaken for a guy. I was once or twice in Year 7 when I had a gigantic oversized blazer with trousers and men's shoes and no make up...
    - You might wish for your old hair back. I didn't ever really feel this (I'm growing it long now, it's bob cut length, but just for experimental purposes) but you might wish you could go straight back to long hair, so prepare for that

    If it's really what you want, ignore the often sexist criticism and go for it. You've nothing to lose... Except for some hair.
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Updated: June 22, 2016
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