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Anglo-Saxon Norse and Celtic?

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    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone does this course (or knows anyone who does)?
    It's a bit of an unusual one, so I don't know really what to expect if I decide to go for it.
    1. What's the course/tutors like?
    2. How do you feel about career prospects?
    Would really appreciate any info though!

    I'm applying for this course I love all ASNC cultures. I plan to do masters in creative writing after that though. I think it's a good course for those who want to pursue science, writing or philology.

    And what kind of career do you think that will lead to? Most of these degrees are ridiculous, unnecessary drivel, designed to take your money away from you. Not worth it.

    (Original post by Harold Godwinson)
    And what kind of career do you think that will lead to? Most of these degrees are ridiculous, unnecessary drivel, designed to take your money away from you. Not worth it.
    For me, creative writing and ASNC will help me in the career I'm already pursuing - Writing, and Narrative Designing.

    Hi 10Sally, I'm the AT at Corpus and I thought I'd point you in the direction of some useful resources to help you think about career options after graduating from ASNC at Cambridge. My advice to students is always to apply to study the subject that you find most interesting. A degree course at Cambridge (or elsewhere) will be very hard work, so you should make sure you are doing something you enjoy.

    Getting a good degree from a top university opens doors to hundreds of careers, some of which you may not have even heard of yet! In addition to the core knowledge you gain in a degree like ANSC, you also pick up many skills during the course of your studies. These include reading, writing and communication skills, the ability to argue logically and coherently, the ability to research a topic and think critically and analytically, alongside many others. For a full list see here:


    The point is that all of these 'transferable skills' are highly valued by employers in a huge variety of fields. From our own ASNC graduates at Corpus I can think of some who have gone in to Law, Business, and the charity sector. Here are some other profiles of ASNC graduates:


    So, despite the ill-informed advice from some others in this thread I'd encourage you to seriously consider ASNC as an option. It's an intellectually challenging course and a great investment in your future.
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Updated: August 15, 2016
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