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Muslim girl, is he creepy or am i reading into it too much?

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    Hi, I recently started a new job and had to go into work yesterday for induction. I met my manager and he started explaining stuff to me etc but part way through he started creeping me out abit. He started using subtle innuendos which i didn't catch onto at first but he kept continuing to the point where it was really obvious. Like 'do you prefer days or nights' (in regards to shifts) and then smirk to himself or 'you like it harder don't you' while looking at me weird. I'd sort of change the topic and ask a question which worked for about 5 seconds then he'd go back to how he was speaking/looking at me. It made me uncomfortable, I thought it was unprofessional. I mentioned I was Muslim because i was wearing a headscarf (which is what made the situation weirder) so it's not like I was dressed a certain way or was implying anything. Am I going OTT or should i chill out lol. I'll be working with him regularly so. Also, he isn't a middle aged man he looked quite young,I'd say 23 max. Thanks.

    Definitely sounds like a weirdo... I guess you can't jump to conclusions though, maybe he is a bit flirtatious in character... I suppose you should just keep your distance from him when working together. I don't think you should worry, there'll always be people around as its a working environment so I guess he can't do anything if you know what I mean 🙄
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