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Remainers. Stop using Joe Cox's death for your own political gain.

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    Disgusting thread title.

    So far most of the running in the cynical exploitation stakes for this horrible terrorist murder has been made by trolling right wing posters anxious to ensure that it doesn't get labelled as anything to do with the racist far-right violent atmosphere their endless hate messages have helped create.

    (Original post by Snake_God 2.0)
    I keep seeing people using the death of an innocent woman to push their beliefs on people.

    Its WRONG. Stop it NOW!
    i feel such remorse of an innocent women bening killed may she rest in peace and yeah i hate the fact that muslims always get labelled terrorist if this was to be a muslim but infact this guy who killed jo cox dint get labelled a terrorist what kind of justness is this?

    From my analysis it's the right wing that have been exploiting this situation by screaming constantly accusations that the Remain campaign have been using this tragedy to get votes. I can probably imagine this is so that they can distance themselves from this. To ignore that the motives of this attack is ignorant. Pointing out the political nature of the attack is not political point scoring and stating facts is not propaganda.

    To be honest a lot of the pro-Brexit campaigners have blood on their hands. It was inevitable that such a hate filled campaign screaming to the disillusioned and confused white working class about losing sovereignty, losing national identity and security and border control would not end well. It is a climate that to even state wishes to remain have seen people labeled a traitor to Queen and Country and a snake working for the current status quo.

    It's amazing because when Lee Rigby was murdered the right wing were not hesitant whatsoever to condemn the attack for what it was - an Islamist terror attack. The British right wing have a lot to answer for with regards to this attack.
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Updated: June 20, 2016
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