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British Depth Study -PLEASE HELP!!

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    I've been ill a lot of this year and consequently missed most lessons on this subject, as it is my last exam out of 24 I've completely neglected revision until now, planning to cram from a textbook I bought (wrong specification, well done me). But basically I just really really need notes, timelines, predicted topics, exam technique - anything about the Edexcel, History B, War and the transformation of British Society 1903-1928 course. Thank you so much!

    Hey, I've attached a revision booklet that may help you answer the questions. Note that Question 3 has changed - you no longer will be asked to cross-reference sources, but rather, you will be asked to use a source and your own knowledge to explain something. Take a look at the June 2015 paper to see what I mean. Also I believe you're confused because you said you're specification is History B, but History A is the one with War and Transformation of British Society 1903-28. (I'm doing it myself!)
    Good luck for Tuesday and hope this helps.

    Also: the notes I have posted are not my own and they are not from my school. I found them from a website called tes.com. Heres the link: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resourc...903-28-6333937
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    Are you talking about the source paper? If so minimal revision is required as it is 100% source based, just learn the skills
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Updated: June 18, 2016
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