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OCR Biology F214 June 2016 unofficial mark scheme

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    Can't seem to find it, wondering if there is one?

    just found this

    1) exocrine because cells make enzymes and release into ducts to be carried away to gall bladder/duodenum

    Islets of langerhans and red blood cells (it was pointing to it and it was biconcave but I was confused by the word structure)

    4 marker on shaded areas to graph (??? I'm just reliant on the qwc mark. I bs this q)
    Before meal glucose concentration should be decreasing. Insulin levels should be low???? After meal insulin levels should keep decreasing as glucagon released due to decrease of glucose below normal inhibits insulin release? (Idek what im talking about)

    Pondweed: I knew the answer to this. I just stupidly put co2 instead of o2. I hope I'm wrong in thinking that but anyway. I wrote that co2 (meant to be o2) is made as the plant is photosynthesising. Gas fills the gaps in spongey mesophyll. Density decreases and pondweed rises to the top allowing it to photosynthesise more.

    Fish go to the pump in the cold as the pump generates heat. Fish obtain this heat by convection to warm up as they're ectotherms.

    Respiration question

    Comparing atp production at point W and in the inner mitochondrial membrane:
    At W it's substrate level phosphorylation. And produces smaller amounts of atp compared to oxidative phosphorylation in the inner membrane where oxygen is required etc.

    Comparing ATP and DNA nucleotide structure:

    Both have ribose and phosphoryl
    Atp has 3 phosphoryl groups. Nucleotide has 1
    Atp has adenine, nucleotide doesn't. It has ribose which atp doesn't.
    Atp can be hydrolysed. Nucleotide can't
    nucleotide has bases such as (example) but atp doesn't.
    True/false Box thing I got:
    False, true, true

    Stupidly I calculated the percentage change wrongly but I'm relying on 1 method mark. I got 42.7% when it's meant to be 143%

    The action potential graph
    Voltage gated sodium ion channels open at C ? Wasn't sure wether to include B or not but I didn't bc it looked like it was below threshold. Did I look too far into this?
    Depolarisation at D and E
    Sodium actively pumped out at G and A (bc resting potential)

    Last question

    Fill in the gaps:
    Liver, carbon dioxide, urea, kidney, bladder, urine

    Use of amino acid is metabolism:
    Deaminated and then respired

    I can't remember more. Most of this is probs wrong.
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    (Original post by lolpool)
    just found this

    I can't remember more. Most of this is probs wrong.
    Ah, thanks man! Looking at this and doing reading up, i made so many silly mistakes. Like i knew the answers but I was at a tangent to them.
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Updated: June 18, 2016
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