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Any part time jobs? need extra money!

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    hi, I'm 15 years old and I am looking to earn some money. does anyone know any part time jobs? I've tried to get a paper round but they have called me back yet and its been a few weeks since then.
    I am trying to save up some money for summer and stuff plus I want to start earning my own money without having to bother asking my mum and dad for money.
    any ideas?

    The best thing to do is create loads of printed copies of your CV (with contact details) and give them into local shops regardless of whether or not they are currently hiring. That way you could become the first to receive info should any job come up. When you turn 16 a lot of doors may open for you.

    Also good looking into nepotistic ways to get into jobs. Get your parents to ask around with their friends and see if any work needs doing. Alternatively ask your friends if they know anyone who needs anything done in exchange for cash. Wider family may also have jobs for you to do.

    Another good idea is to ask around the neighbourhood for car cleaning jobs and the like. People always want those doing. My brother at 15 made 20/30 quid in one day just by going door to door. When you've done also leave your number so they can phone you when it needs doing again.

    Hope this helps,
    And good luck with the job hunt.
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