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Computer science A-levels

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    I am a German who is currently looking into taking his A-levels in the UK. I was on my way to the Abitur (which is pretty much the equivalent to your A-levels) but decided to drop out of school shortly before the final exams took place due to some very lucrative career opportunities. I always kinda regretted not getting my Abitur to be able to study, so I recently decided to look into alternative ways to get access to university.

    The most obvious choice would be to just do my Abitur here in Germany. However, school here works a lot different than in the UK. For starters, you actually have a whole bunch of classes because the German Abitur essentially aims to prepare you for any possible career or university course later on. So essentially I would have to study up and take exams in a whole bunch of classes (8 to be more precise), the majority of which simply won't be useful in the field I want to study in.

    The UK model therefore looks a lot more attractive to me, as I can simply focus on 3 or 4 A-level courses that I would be able to pass easily (someone said German? :P) or that match my interests (maths, computer science).

    Since I have been working in IT for the past 15 years and also aim for a computer science degree, the obvious choice would be taking the computer science A-levels. Unfortunately I haven't found a provider that offers A-level computer science courses online. Does anyone here pursue computer science A-levels via distance learning and maybe knows a provider they can recommend?

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Updated: June 18, 2016
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