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PhD in the UK? (Biochemistry related)

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    Hello everyone

    I'm a Spanish girl who just finished her Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry here in Spain. I was thinkig about takin a gap year to get my C1 english diploma and then truly consider what I want to do with my life, masters avaliable...etc. I'm interested in Developmental biology, for example. So here's my question.

    Here in Spain you enroll in a master, then apply for a PhD and they pay you for 4 years approx to get your thesis done. Does that happen in the UK that way too? Because when I check some PhD programs such as this one:


    It doesn't mention you're going to get pait but in fact it says you have to pay tuition fees? That are, again, pretty high, it's the price of a second master basically.

    So, can anyone PLEASE PLEASE help me out, how could I get a paid PhD in the UK for 3-4 years and how does it work...

    Thank you very very much

    There is a lot more information in the Postgraduate Applications forum, but generally, you need to apply to a research council for funding if you want to someone to pay your fees and living expenses for you. Some universities might have their own scholarships but these are unusual.
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