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Tell me... What does it mean to be British...

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    (Original post by Hubba_Hubba)
    I didn't insult them, I just don't wanna get beaten up.
    Why would you get beaten up?

    I suspect racial prejudice is at play here, if so, using your own words, you may be deemed a 'racist pleb'.

    (Original post by Daddy Longlegz)
    It wouldn't exist if it wasn't for British imperialism.
    True, but I think Britain should only take some of the blame. Maybe India shouldn't have let it happen regardless of British interference. A US civil war type of conflict to prevent secession would have been nasty, but would have ended with a still united India, rather than pakistan being created. A million people died in the partition. For what? At least a civil war would have prevented 60+ years of Cold (and actual) war.

    Also, chances are that the Muslims in what is now Pakistan would have remained more moderate and secular, like the Muslims that stayed with India are.

    (Original post by SinsNotTragedies)
    Why would you get beaten up?

    I suspect racial prejudice is at play here, if so, using your own words, you may be deemed a 'racist pleb'.
    If you say so.

    1) being born in britain
    2) speaking british
    3) being subject to and influential over the british culture
    4) believing that britain should govern itself, obviously

    Daddy Longlegz Hubba_Hubba SuperHuman98

    After watching this video I'm not so sure anymore

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Updated: June 18, 2016
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