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One of my biggest reasons I voted Leave!

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    I have voted leave as I feel we will be better off outside the EU. However, for those of you who don’t think this I put forward another point of view. I ask you who should be held to account by the people of Britain?

    For too long people we have elected to represent us have been able to confuse and blur the lines of who is actually responsible for the decisions being taken. They have hidden behind the EU and its overly complicated portfolio of institutions and powers. The EU is not solely to blame for many of the issues we face today and it is our own Politicians that must also be exposed and made to be responsible for decisions taken.

    I am not Anti-Europe, the EU is not Europe and it’s not possible to oppose a Geographical area, it is the EU that is the problem here. I don’t agree or follow everything either campaign or its leaders state and do not support fear tactics implemented by both sides. Instead I put my support in normal people who appreciate the diversity that Europe offers while understanding it’s the EU that acts as a barrier. If to be part of a group makes us stronger and safer then the only group that we should be part of is a world union rather than a European one that excludes so many.

    The EU today does not make us more secure, just witness how long it has dithered over the situation in Syria or how it has dealt with the Refugee crisis. Just because something is progressive at one moment in time doesn’t make it so for all time.

    The EU was created by nations that emerged from the struggles of ordinary people. They wanted a system of governance for them and that was accountable to them. By accepting what the Brussels Elite sprout, nations have become member states answerable to a supposedly ‘higher’ power but one that is no longer answerable to them. Rather than being answerable to the people it has largely become a vessel for managing and controlling the people. The EU is just too out of touch to ordinary people’s concerns and lives to work. What can work is yet to be decided but that decision will be taken by you and for you after we VOTE LEAVE on the 23rd June!

    If you are on the left and buy the story you are being told that it is only right wingers that are voting brexit please watchLexit the Movie (The left case for Brexit ) to get the full picture.


    I am also a Brexitter

    stay in chérie

    I'm also a leftie voting leave


    Badum tss!
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Updated: June 18, 2016
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