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GBH charges? Grievous bodily harm scenario

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    Friend has been increasingly annoyed with drug dealer who is abusive to children and wife, drunk drives unregistered drag cars around a school (all proven accusations and police are aware) and is this friends neighbour. Said dealer verbally abused friends girlfriend. Friend had enough and physically assaulted neighbour in fear that dealer would attack his children. The case consisted of friend pushing, possible strangling and a swollen ankle as a result.
    Friend is denying charges hoping that charges will not be pressed, as dealer has disappeared after claim. Police appear non biased but sympathetic to friend as he suffers from a deteriorating condition and is family man who complained about said dealer many times.
    I'm worried for my friend, I understand the action may be wrong but the neighbour was a real threat and the police had done nothing in the past after friend had made complaints over safety of neighbourhood . He also has dependants which would render any sentence disastrous.
    Opinions on potential outcomes please?

    I'll get in here quick and say: take whatever you 'advice' you're given here with a pinch of salt.

    If your friend is arrested, charged, or questioned by the police, then they can get free legal advice. They should take up this offer.
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Updated: June 18, 2016
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