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Never had HPV jabs due to religious parents - worried I might catch something

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    When I was 12-13, and my parents would open my mail, they ripped up the HPV jab letter from my surgery as they're muslim and felt I didn't need it.
    I was only reminded of this recently as I'm thinking of not waiting until marriage anymore... however I'm over 18 now and the NHS website states they won't vaccinate anyone over 18 as if you're already had sex it's likely you already have a strain of hpv. I haven't - but I don't know if I can get an exemption. My GP is muslim so she might understand - but this is too awkward. Does anyone know if there's any leeway on this.
    The cost of going private is £400! I haven't seen my GP in years either. I'm hating my parents for this atm...

    I'd talk to the GP. If that's too difficult, then I'd go to a sexual health clinic: 'My parents refused to let me have it then, but I'm an adult, still a virgin and I want it...'

    On the plus side, the vaccination offered now is better (covers four strains of HPV instead of two) than the one offered six years ago...

    I know this is an old thread but I felt I had to comment on it. Before going for the HPV Vaccine please do some research on all of the side effects it has caused to people, there are thousands of articles out there about young girls who have had the vaccine and soon after have become very ill. I'm only commenting on this because I could be one of them- I had the HPV vaccine back in 2012ish and ever since I've had non stop health problems... fibromyalgia, heart palpitaions, nausea, dizziness, constantly raised infection markers in every blood test etc. etc.

    It's very likely to be coincidence rather than causation: this is a seriously tested vaccine and if those side-effects were even slightly common, it wouldn't have been approved.

    (Original post by unprinted)
    It's very likely to be coincidence rather than causation: this is a seriously tested vaccine and if those side-effects were even slightly common, it wouldn't have been approved.
    I've been to a clinic which specialises in side effects from the HPV vaccine, however as the clinic is run by mostly natural medicine and as a private practice (something I believed to be a load of **** before I went) the NHS Will not comment on anything proposed to be caused by the vaccine because if they do they're liable to be sued for millions. I'm not saying that vaccines are bad or that people shouldn't get the HPV vaccine- just that the thousands of cases should be considered.

    (Original post by Brown1906)
    mostly natural medicine
    Ah, 'woo'.
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Updated: October 23, 2016
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