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No summer school, no work experience....Am I severely disadvantaged?

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    I wanted to study a language in university early on the year. Since starting to read economic books, I only recently realised that I love economics and I want to study it, while studying language on the side.

    The problem is, the deadlines for summer schools and placements have all gone past. I have nothing to show for my interest on my personal statement.

    Does anyone have any tips for making up for the difference of not having summer school placement or work experience?

    I'm really quite stressed.

    Volunteer! Definitely, looks very good on university applications. Or you could shadow a worker at a relevant company, but volunteering looks good.

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    I had nothing economics related on my personal statement (I've done a lot of volunteering and have worked since a month after my GCSEs), but as long as you show an enthusiasm and understanding for the subject, list the books you've read and whatnot, then you will demonstrate that stuff to them also, get involved in your local youth forum over summer if you do want to do something, or get a seasonal summer job

    I didnt do a summer school. I read Freakonomics, to get a better grasp, and then various business & economics books. See if you can get a summer of work experience at a firm or something. Just ask to shadow someone relatively high up, you'll probably just be running around making them coffee and whatnot, but it gives you a sneaky insight and it'll look good on the UCAS.

    Also see if you can do AS Econ, this september alongside the A2's, It's what I did with business, it means nothing to the Russell Groups, in terms of they dont actually care what grades you get in the AS, but it looks like you're motivated and determined on the Personal Statement.

    (I dont know what you're studying atm, but check to see if you fit the courses, a lot of them ask for A2 maths!)
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Updated: June 19, 2016
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