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Experience of Doctoral Study at University of Strathclyde

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    Hello all!

    As the thread title suggests, I'd be interested in hearing a little of others' experiences of PhD work at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. To give a little background, I did my undergrad at Hull (environmental science) and now I'm 2/3 of my way through an MSc at York (environmental science and management).

    I recently applied for a studentship in the department of civil and environmental engineering. Despite a good interview, I was rejected. However, the supervisors put me forward for another scholarship, and lo and behold, it was successful! Obviously I'm very happy to have been offered a place, but there are a few concerns I have:

    1. I've been told by a number of people that it's not necessarily the university you study at, but the quality of the supervisors. Both supervisors sounded really approachable and friendly over the phone, and were obviously willing to put me forward, and all the work that entails, for a scholarship. However, my main supervisor has roughly 50 publications over a 20 year period, the majority of which he was not lead author for, but we have very similar research interests.

    2. I try not to get hung up on the usual, somewhat vain, issues of prestige, but having studied at a low ranking university and a high ranking one, I've come to understand it can have an impact on the quality of facilities, resources in the libraries etc. I've found very conflicting information about the 'prestige' of Strathclyde. The university has amongst the highest UCAS points on entry for any university in the UK and is consistently ranked in the top 10 for engineering, but has an overall world ranking, as a university, of 400-500 (THE). Is this because it is viewed as more of a STEM institution, so they don't put as many resources into other departmens that other universities do? Maybe if they were more like Imperial College and scrapped the other departments, they would rank higher?

    3. I'd be interested to hear of anyone who studied there, and what they thought of it, and how Glasgow is as a place to live. What is the accommodation like? I plan to live on campus in my first year, so I can get to know the city first. Sadly, the accommodation office won't let me look around when I visit later this month.

    4. My initial plan was to attend Durham, but due to an admin error, I didn't realise that the studentship started in January, when I was halfway through my MSc, so was rejected on a technicality. Would I be a fool (feel free to call me as such) to decline a fully funded place at Strathclyde, in the hope that another project comes up at Durham that I might not even be accepted onto?

    As stated above, I feel I'll know more once I've visited at the end of the month , bur I'd be really interested to hear your experiences, and any advice you might have.

    Thanks again, Icarus23

    Strathclyde has excellent laboratory facilities for science and engineering. It is quite a well funded university. The Scottish Univerities are very good at the practical sciences such as engineering.

    Glasgow is a brilliant place to live. It has a bit of everything, but isn't overwhelming like London even though it is a very big city. It is also easy to get in and out of. There is a great student atmosphere there.

    As for your supervisor, don't judge them by publications. A good way is to look at how many previous PhD students they have had and what networks they are involved in.
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