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Physiotherapy as a second degree or Postgraduate Course?

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    Hi All,

    I am currently in my second year of study doing Biomedical Sciences; I am enjoying some aspects of my course but generally am feeling like I would like to steer my career towards a more people-oriented profession, so have got some physiotherapy work experience booked in this summer. I'm taking a break from studying at the moment because I have had a few personal health issues and needed to take a step back temporarily from academic work and university life. This time has been used well as I am getting experience working in a school and doing some reading around my subject. I am looking to think about physiotherapy either after graduating, or possibly changing directions now rather than finishing my degree (so I would be applying for 2017 entry).

    I have good GCSEs and A-Levels (AAA in Biology, Chemistry and Geography with Maths AS) and have worked hard whilst at University however put myself under quite a lot of pressure which has contributed to a few stress-related difficulties (being involved in the university cycling club has definitely improved overall uni experience though). Generally have achieved a 2:1 and am aiming to graduate with a 2:1.

    So my question is; would it be wisest to graduate with a degree in Biomedical Sciences with the aim to apply for postgraduate physiotherapy afterwards (and just take as many anatomy/physiology related modules as possible- this is where my main interests lie), or if I decide that I really want to persue a career in physiotherapy to withdraw from my current course and re-start a physio degree from scratch?

    Any experience in either situation would be much appreciated, particularly the benefits of doing a degree before physio. I guess this would leave more options open later on potentially?

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