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Interview at cex halp

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    I recently applied for a supervisor job at C.E.X - the entertainment exchange company and my interview is tomorrow. I have what I'm wearing down, smart casual because I don't feel like walking in in a full suit will get me the job. Anyway, to the point, I'm doing some 'revision' of sorts and I'm worried.

    If any of you have interviewed for or work for C.E.X it would be extremely helpful if you could give me some tips on what they might ask. I'm fine on the gaming and film/tv series side of things, I know the new gen consoles like the back of my hand and I'm been a 'gamer' I suppose you could say since I was 5 and keep up to date with releases and play every day if I can. I can operate any phone and know a fair bit on the main specs of the latest/bestsellers. I've brought myself up to speed on what I don't know and while I'm not that confident about it I can talk for a while on that side of things.

    It's the computers and cameras that I'm worried about. I know the basics of computing and the specs e.g. storage, memory, graphic/game capability, battery life, operating system, vague on processors and all that but I wouldn't for the life of me know how to unlock a phone like they advertise themselves to do. Nor could I recommend a DSLR above basic knowledge level. I know honesty is the best policy when it comes to things like this and I plan on saying I have a basic knowledge of cameras and computers but I am willing to learn or be trained or something like that.

    As for the supervisor role itself, I have retail experience and honesty I'm confident that for the most part I could do the job in question well. I'm just concerned they'll ask me to fix stuff which I don't think at the moment I could do. At my old job, supervisors did exactly that - supervised, while the retail assistants did the hard work, but I get the impression that supervisors at C.E.X are more hands on with the products, which like I've said, is fine in some cases but in others it worries me.

    Anyone shed light on this or just give me some plain ol' reassurance? And if you read to the end of this, I love you. I'm an essay writer, what can I say?
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Updated: June 19, 2016
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