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Head Girl Speech Feedback Please!!

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    my head girl speech is in a few days and I'd love some feed back on what I've written.

    Hello, as most of you know I’m ****. I have been at **** ***** since year 7 and during that time I have grown in confidence. I never would have thought that by year 10 I would have gained the confidence to perform at ****** and to apply for head girl. I feel that a Head Girl needs to be confident and able to represent the views of the students. Having an insight in to the world of disabilities means that I have become sensitive to differences and ability, I want to be able to help everybody put their views across and to be taken notice of.
    I’m the sort of person who gets on and does stuff. I’m part of the management team for this year’s primary school dance festival. Being one of the media managers has meant I have designed posters, tie dyed T shirts, and will be taking photos on the day. In my village I’m involved in community events, helping to organise the village fete, and being active on the day. I’ve also raised money for Naomi House and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, and I want to be able to influence charity events at school.
    Outside of school I enjoy going to the theatre especially to see musicals in three weeks I am performing in a small production of wicked at stagecoach and have landed a lead role. I’m a very keen swimmer and have previously taken part in Galas; I also love performing on stage, and hope to carry this on as a career.
    To me Head Girl isn’t about having a status as she is no different to anyone else, she should be someone who is trustworthy and reliable which I believe I am.
    If you vote for me I can’t promise that I can change the things that you don’t like about the school, but I can promise that I will listen to what you have to say and I will take it seriously.

    Maybe you could explain that how will you manage with organising events and do alevels.
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