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I just want to scream and cry

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    I'm just coming up to the end of my A2 exams. I should be feeling relieved because they're nearly over, but I'm actually stressed out of my mind. I've recently been diagnosed with general and social anxiety, as well.

    Over the last few weeks, though, the smallest thing will set me off - I'll start crying and I can't stop; I'm sobbing on the floor, and I want to scream as well, but if my family are around, I can't.

    Here's an example: yesterday, I couldn't undo the cap on my cat's medicine bottle. It's supposed to be one of those 'push-and-turn' sort of things, but it wouldn't come off, and my cat was standing behind me yowling, and that just set me off. I screamed and flung the bottle across the room and started crying, and I'm pretty sure I terrified the s*** out of my poor cat (and probably my neighbours). I was sobbing on the kitchen floor like I'd just found out that I'd failed all my subjects.

    I know that I'm stressed because of my exams, but I'm sick of crying because I can't get a stupid cap off a bottle or because I nearly missed my bus. I'm also terrified about having a panic attack or something in my last two exams, particularly Chemistry. If I can't handle not getting a bottle open, how am I going to cope with another horrible Chemistry exam?

    I've tried breathing techniques, meditation and I'm currently getting CBT, but more for the social anxiety, since I felt that needed more attention. Please, does anyone have any tips on how to stop freaking out over anything and everything???
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Updated: June 19, 2016
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