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EU referendum: what will the losing side do?

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    I doubt they will just say "oh ok, not the result we wanted - let's just go home and move on".

    It will be at least 40+ percent of the electorate who will have been disappointed.

    So what will they do?

    I think Remain (if they lose) will try to find a reason for the UK to re-join in a similar fashion to Scottish independence (finding a reason for another referendum or perhaps demanding we re-join in a crisis). They will also push for us to have as many links and agreements as possible with the EU so that we are a member in all but name.

    I think Leave (if they lose) will demand a new referendum every time the EU makes a big decision. I think they will also push for rebellion and sedition in Europe by voting for UKIP in both MEP and national elections.

    Your views?

    More Tommy Mair's most likely.

    I think if Leave wins it will really help to make much less relevant those who condemn anyone who wants to discuss immigration in a pragmatic way as a "racist" or "xenophobe". It would also help break the reign of power that the political correctness gestapo have had for such a long time over political and social discourse. The remain team will screech for a while, but they'll soon have no EU to go back to as it quickly falls apart. So culturally I totally support it.

    If remain wins though, political correctness and thought policing will become even more prevalent. The most ardent of the "leave" troop will go completely barmy and make any pragmatic view of immigration appear completely outlandish and whacky.

    On the other hand, our economy might be better off if we remain.
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Updated: June 20, 2016
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