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Will free movement remain even if we vote leave?

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    A BBC article about the possible outcomes of a leave vote has made a very good point about freedom of movement with the EU:

    The majority of Britain's 650 MPs are in favour of Britain staying in the EU and while they will have to respect the will of the British people if they vote to leave the EU, they will not be silent bystanders.

    There are already moves among the 450 or so MPs who want to stay in the EU, across the Labour, Conservative, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Green parties, to keep Britain in the single market in any exit negotiations.

    This would mean Britain would have to keep its borders open to EU workers and continue paying into EU coffers.

    They say it would be legitimate for MPs to do this because the Leave campaign has refused to spell out what trading relationship it wants the UK to have with the EU in the future - and it would demonstrate the sovereignty of Parliament the Leavers were so keen to restore.

    I think this highlights an important part of the referendum that not many people seem to talk about. Even if we do vote to leave the exit negotiations will be done by a government and parliament that are overwhelmingly in favour of us staying, or at least keeping the status quo.

    It's for this reason why I think that the Leave dream of controlled immigration will never become a reality. It seems that there is simply too much support for it for us to lose it.

    On top of that you will also have 27 countries which will be pushing for freedom of movement, and no deal can be reached without every state agreeing to it.

    I mean, free movement has been a requirement of other countries participating in free trade (without actually being a member). If we want away from free movement it more or less means a break with the single market entirely. On the one hand if leave wins, the politicians should support the verdict and "honour" it, however on the other hand there is no clear way forward that has been laid out to voters (ignoring having our cake and eating it scenarios) and as you say, they are our elected representatives.

    I suppose we'll just have to trust them to do the best they can for us, much the same as every other situations where they have a conflict. It's also worth noting that party whips exist for reasons like this - I doubt the lib dems all supported the tuition fee increase voluntarily in the last parliament.
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Updated: June 20, 2016
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