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    Hiya All I have results coming up for my degree course with Open University as I am hoping to progress to the next couple of modules. I'm really worried that I am not going to pass the exam which I have just completed and it's going to knock me back further into depression. I have tried not thinking about it and being positive, however it's really worrying me. I cannot under any circumstances, do absolutely nothing or just do adult community college this September that would make me feel even more depressed than I feel right now. Right now I am just struggling to get out and enjoy my voluntary job and its real push if I do that. However when I am doing something like The Open University, I want to do lots more. It kinda makes me feel less worthless. I have looked into many options but due my results being in July and missing the intake for the brick universities, it's now worrying me a lot more.

    Hey Ted. I get that you can't help those kinds of emotions. I've been down that hole myself. Though I didn't channel it as positively as you have, by volunteering or by bettering my education. My hat's off to you.

    Do you have any advice for getting through months like this, to concentrate on the positives and such?
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    what positives, the biggest positive for me at the moment is just surviving, getting by and struggling to get through each pointless day.

    If things don't work out with the OU, i am seriously thinking of hiding myself in a big massive 100 ft by 100 ft hole and staying there long term and saying world you can get lost. It seems the most logical explanation for how I truly feel.
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