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Has anyone on either side thought that longer term, you may get the opposite?

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    I'm apprehensive of pyrrhic victories, and 'careful what you wish for' springs to mind. If we have, over the next few decades, terrible events beyond our control, things that would have happened regardless of us being in the EU or not, that is going to be blamed squarely on the side that wins, even if people can see a rational argument that it would have happened anyway, it will not fail to influence their thinking.

    It's not at all inconceivable that Brexit followed by terrible couple of decades would equal blame, succumbing to cynical forces naysayers and those who want to punish it, and eventual softening up and re-entry under the premise that we are proven worse off, and further integration, and a this time a far more firmly closed door and sealed fate.

    It's also not inconceivable that remain could win, have a disastrous couple of decades, we still keep the degree of integration we have, don't join the Euro, and the case for Brexit is this time much stronger and the result if won would be more longer lasting and with a better outcome in more optimistic times. NB-I only used two decades as a guess, could be more or less.

    Since I am much more a long termer who thinks the long term will prove a re-localisation in economies and cultures, and who wants racial integration etc, and think that climate change and even land masses and geography changing will be a major factor, I would favour long term Brexit over short term, obviously.
    So I'm thinking could remain end up a better result for people such as me.
    Could Brexit be better also for 'long term' remainers?

    Just some thoughts that occurred to me the last few days. I was overcome by a melancholy from the initial vehemence I had one way, to leave, I don't know if it was just the events of the shooting, but I think more just a sense that idealists on either side are misguided, that the world will continue to be cynically hollowed out for the few versus the many, and that global events are grim and beyond our control.

    I think I just started to feel the cynical over politics again, our inability to change economics, more and more neoliberalism and corporate control which so many people are so vehemently indoctrinated into and in favour of. And, as I say the sense what I want short term might cause the opposite.

    Your thoughts?

    Am I wrong?

    Could you paragraph it a bit better please?

    Your points could be substantiated better too.

    In answer to your main point, it depends on what people want obviously- which changes over time.
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