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GoT: Daenerys must die.

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    Daenerys Where are my dragons?! Targaryen has got to go.

    The story unfolding in Westeros is complex, gritty, hard to predict, and has us on the edge of our seats. It's got fleshed-out, nuanced and interesting characters, and is by far the most interesting part of the Game of Thrones epic - not even subjectively speaking.

    Meanwhile, something one-dimensional and uncomfortably predictable looms across the Narrow Sea: a petulant, annoying, white-haired Queen who's so obviously being protected by Martin that it distracts from the story. What also boils my blood is how many characters far better than herself repeatedly fall at her bratty feet despite her obviously childlike incompetence as a ruler and increasingly tyranical behavior. And all the 'badass' things about her, her 'rousing' speeches, her 'empowerment,' just feel so forced and patronising . Ugh, someone kill her...

    But equipped with dragons (the GoT equivalent of cheat codes), plot armour, and an army of newly acquired and easily impressed horse-humpers, she's going to roll into Westeros on a convenient fleet of ships and end a story far more interesting than her own. We can all see it coming, too. But hey, dragons!

    Who agrees with me?

    Deanerys' seeds of destruction are already being sown. She has an unruly and crazed dothraki horde, dragons whom her control over is still questionable and she is becoming more like the mad king each episode.

    I agree her story is now increasingly clichéd and poorly written, but I feel your wish may come true.

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Updated: June 25, 2016
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