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Appealing Degree Grades

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    I have just finished a two year foundation degree at a local college. The course is externally verified by a local university.

    I have had major issues with the tutor during my two years of study and I have come out with a lower grade than anticipated. I have queried the results but have simply been told I didn't do well enough for a higher grade.

    I am convinced that my low grades are a result of favouritism towards three students and I would like to know if anyone thinks I would have grounds for an appeal.

    For two of my assignments, I was told not to pursue an idea but when a fellow student chose to pursue the same idea they were given top marks and I was given lower marks.

    Only a small selection of my projects get sent for external verification so I think there is plenty of room for favourable marking.

    If I appeal, can I end up coming out with an even worse mark or will the worst outcome be that my marks stay the same?

    You need to read the rules for the internal complaints procedure. get assistance from your student union rep.
    If you arent happy with their decision, then you cna make a claim against the office of the independent arbiitrator.

    You are claiming favouritism, so you will need good evidence.
    Seems hard to see that your complaint is significant given the information you provided.

    Its unlikely you would come out with a worse mark as its been externally graded, so your complaint doesnt seem to be that the external garder is wrong, but you have somehow been unfairly treated during your course.
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Updated: June 20, 2016
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