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Remain Campaigners and their Keynesian Experts.

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    So on TSR forum the remain camp keep saying that the leave camp will not listen to the huge numbers of experts.

    I'll tell you why the leave camp won't listen to will not listen to these so called experts. Its because the majority of them are Keynesian economists who think that they can create money out of thin air and save any economic woe.

    Lets take the biggest baddest expert they have:
    Paul Krugman. Noble Prize Winner. Keynesian Economist.

    This guy has been in favor of pumping the US economy full of QE money since 2007. However what this has done to the US economy is made the entire stock market reliant on QE money. That is money printing money off a computer for you non-economists out there.

    Now take a look at this video where Mike Maloney a Gold & Silver investor shows you the S&P Index 50 & 100 moving average. This a tool to predict recessions and its very very accurate. It managed to get the dot.com recession and the 2007 recession bang on.

    The 50 & 100 moving average have crossed in 2016 which means we are heading for a recession.

    Now I also want you to look at that graph and look the angle from the low of 03 to the low of 09.

    This crash has the potential of going all the way down to 500 points on the S&P 500!!!!!

    Exactly the same QE policy has been replicated across The Bank of Japan and the EU's central Bank the ECB.

    There is a good chance that we will be in recession next year and it doesn't matter if we leave the EU or not. It will happen!
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Updated: June 20, 2016
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