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I want to lose 30-40 pounds in 2 months

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    I'm a diabetic type 1, 15. I have terrible diet so i know that i will have to change my diet and exercise. Do you have any tips or advice to give me that'll benefit me? and if i have a flat ass already and i want to lose weight, would squatting make my ass bigger? when you're losing weight you usually lose a lot of weight from different areas so i'm just asking if i'd have to lose weight first than squat to make my ass bigger? thank you. And please i don't want those big asses i just want it to be medium size. Thank you... so plese dont say "society this and that"

    First of all losing 30-40 pounds in 2 months might be a bad thing. It will have a negative effect on your body. There's obviously a reason for this time span but your body is more important. It wouldn't make a major difference before or after for squatting but before would be probably better. Squats will make your backside bigger through increasing muscle mass and losing it. So high intensity/low repetition for your squats and nothing else. First of all you would need to change your diet. You can exercise all day but with a bad diet it won't make a difference. Do not use weights until you have a lost a bit of weight. Only use them for squats. Increasing muscle mass will only turn back into fat when not worked. You just need to do cardio exercises. As dynamic as possible. Running or jogging. Do not use any energy building supplements or food that contain sugars (for obvious reasons). It's mostly down to your mentality. You have to tell yourself you want it. Weigh yourself after a week. Set yourself realistic goals. Write out a plan for exercise progressively making it harder for yourself but remember to stay realistic. I put on a lot of weight one summer and decided it wasn't for me so I just pushed myself as hard as I could without hurting myself with a strict diet. Just push hard. Motivate yourself. Listen to music that motivates you. Stay away from things that might make you not want to work hard. Avoid all negativity and stay positive with the same goal in mind. Good luck.

    That is a completely unrealistic amount of weight to lose in that time frame. If you were very overweight, then you could try 2lb a week, otherwise 1lb a week is more realistici.e 8-16lbs and that all depends on you knowing what you are doing.
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Updated: June 21, 2016
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