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Finished University but in a little situation.

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    Hi people,

    It's been a few weeks since I finished my exams for my BSc Computer Science course and I have just been taking the time off to relax and do whatever I want. I'll be graduating in July and I understand that I have already left it late to start looking for jobs, graduate jobs, schemes etc. I was planning to finish off my CV and start looking around and sending out applications, however, my family wants to go abroad (To visit family) between around August for a month (After I graduate).

    So at the moment I said no because that would mean I can not apply for jobs and probably start working any time soon and this would set me quite behind as I'd have to start applying around September time and miss out on a lot of graduate opportunities. But at the same time I'm not too keen on looking for a job so quickly and starting work. Plus I guess I've already missed out on a lot of graduate job/scheme deadlines already.

    Should I go abroad for the month and take this as an opportunity to try and find any volunteering work or any work related to IT. (I'm not sure what my chances are of finding something but it's a risk) - Would it be quite bad if I couldn't get any experience whilst abroad? Also I could use the time I got now and even after I come back from abroad to carry on working on my programming skills, learning new languages (as they are not really the best at the moment) as well as contribute to open-source projects online and working on projects myself to learn and as evidence of skills. -> Then with these newly acquired experiences/knowledge I could start looking for jobs that I am interested in or early in 2017 for graduate schemes or graduate jobs, with a much better updated CV. Or would it be best for me to avoid going abroad, update my CV and start looking for jobs ASAP and building experience that way.

    Thank you for taking your time to read my long post. Hope I can get some advice!

    Oh dear. Why on earth did you leave it this late to start looking for jobs? The majority of upcoming graduates started searching and applying this time last year!

    I'd forget about the holiday completely and start getting applications out immediately, though the vast majority of grad jobs and jobs related to your degree will already be taken. Make sure you apply to everything you can - this includes retail/admin/warehouse type jobs that you probably think you're too good for. You have made the same mistake as many graduates in that you think just because you have a degree you will be able to get a grad job at the last minute with minimum effort, well I've got news for you - you won't! You should also get yourself down to a charity shop ASAP for both something to do in the meantime, and to ensure you have no gaps on your CV.

    Do you have any work experience? Internships? If not then it's pretty much game over for you.

    You are not too late to start looking for jobs. Sure, the big companies have an intake each year, but there are a myriad of smaller companies who are not timely. Go away with your family. At worst you can come back, get a part time or temporary job until the next round of intake jobs or until you get something in the industry. This is the last time for a long time you will have any significant time off and you have just spent the last 15 years of your life studying. Take a break and come back to the world fresh and ready to take it on. Given the current Brexit vote - you are going to need all the energy you can muster!

    Go on holiday. Worry about the jobs when you get back.

    Deary me, go on holiday. Come back find some semi relevant entry level job and as soon as grad schemes open in September get cracking with applying to those whilst earning a wage/gaining some experience in the job you're already in. People on here make out if you have't secured a job upon the day you finish university you're doomed. Could not be any more wrong.
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Updated: July 10, 2016
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