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Secterian hate spaker proven wrong by a four year old girl

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    Secterian hate speaker, Sheikh Mumtaz Al Haq, in the below video, challenge's any shia who has memorized the Noble Quran to come forward and claim £5000 pounds. This kind of vitrolistic secterian language is sad, and condemnable.

    Using the noble Quran as a tool for secterian propaganda is , in frank works, fairly disgusting.

    Such perpetual stereotype's leads one brand of muslims thinking ill and considering the other brand as non-muslims.

    The reason why i am refuting this sort of secterian nonsense is because i used to be bullied as a child in school, because i was a shia. Many didn't regard me as a muslim, and either chased me around, or mocked me in class. Granted, this was a minority, and the majority of sunni's were great, and in secondary, my friendship group was almost entirely sunni muslims, including my best friend, being sunni himself.

    Any kind of hate, be it a shia to a sunni or a sunni to a shia is condemnable.

    Here is the video:

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    And here is a four year old Girl in Iran, who has memorized the Noble Quran. So much for the secterian hate speech, Mr Mumtaz?

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Updated: June 21, 2016
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