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"URGENT - Student eligibility evidence required - Academic Year 2016/17"

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    This is the email I received on 7th of June, I've already spoken to SFE on 9th of June and they told me to wait until the week after and call them again if there hasn't been an update.

    The problem with this was that I've sent off every piece of information they've asked for and I've also checked with royal mail that SFE received my last piece of information sent on the 1st of June.

    I will be calling SFE again today, but I'm quite concerned about this. I found 1 other user with this problem but that was a couple of years ago and not many threads since. Is this going to be a major issue because if they've lost the information I've sent, there were quite a lot of important documents and papers in there.

    EDIT: It should be noted that the evidence they've asked prior to this I've gotten back in the time of 1-2 weeks. This one is taking forever and is worrying me.

    I've also checked the SFE website and signed into my account. My to-do list says nothing but that my parents have sent financial information and they will contact me by post when my application gets accepted.

    Hi velaharri

    Please allow 4-6 weeks for evidence to be processed and returned. If there is a lot of documents it can take some time to be processed.

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    I rung SFE yesterday and they told me that the evidence got put into their system on the 16th of June even though they received it on the 1st. They also told me to wait until around 5-6th of July and my application should be updated and they would let me know if I need to do anything else or send in any more evidence.

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Updated: June 23, 2016
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