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From England, moving to Wales, Access Course

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    First off let me just say I'm sorry for posting this thread twice. I know that's generally frowned upon and I normally wouldn't, but it's a 50/50 split where to post this, and I'm really eager to get the right info. If it's absolutely not allowed and one needs to be locked then so be it, but I hope it isn't an issue as a one off.

    So I'm moving to Cardiff in August (currently looking for the right accommodation) and am really in need of (preferably) a grant/bursary fund, otherwise a good student loan. I'm currently working a normal job and am putting away money every week, and by the time I'm ready to move I should have about half of my full funding needed for the nine months, including rent/utilities, food/transport and course cost. I can't apply for a loan through gov.uk because I won't be studying in England, and I am quite sure I can get a small but reasonable grant through Wales gov, but am wondering if anybody knows of any other funding that might be available to me. Its very hard and frustrating to research, because most sites don't seem to cover this criss-cross in-between England and Wales situation, and I feel I'm missing on information for the best opportunities. It also seems like when I search, I'm getting a lot of blogs by people that are just copying info from other places in order to get clicks and are otherwise unhelpful. I really want to know the range of possibilities I have before me. Any information at all would be really helpful at this stage, so I really appreciate your input.

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Updated: June 21, 2016
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