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How can i afford Uni????

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    I'm working as a waitress full-time at the moment to try and save up the rest of the money that the maintenance loan doesn't cover before going to uni. I'm already nearly at my target amount I want to have for uni and I only started working full-time at the beginning of May (I did have around £700 from my waitressing job I had before I went travelling), so depending on how much of your earnings you'll spend before you go to uni you should be able to get a full-time, if not part-time, job and be able to save enough money before you head to uni September/October. Even if you're unable to save enough money to cover you for the whole year, even getting a part-time job for say 10-15 hours a week while at uni might be enough to tide you over for the year.

    I think it's tough that the government expect students' parents to pay for the fees that the maintenance loan doesn't cover. Yes, our parents may have less food to put on the table and heating/electrical bills etc, but if you've got other kids to look after too it's not necessarily as easy as being able to hand lump sums to us to be able to pay for our accommodation and things at the start of each term. I wouldn't worry too much though, as long as you're willing to put in the hours with a job before you go to uni then you should hopefully be able to save enough!!

    Good luck

    I had an email earlier from a university I was going to apply to but now theyre saying i need to be under 30 to gain the loan for Postgraduate. I checked main gov website and it says anyone under 60. I hope its not like that for the other universities as thats my career gone for good. I have 20k loan, not even had 20k job, only nmw contracts for six months.
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Updated: June 25, 2016
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