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Senior Student application letter

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    I'm writing a letter to apply to be a senior student. Just curious what other people think of it....
    Dear ______________
    I would like to be a Senior Student because it would allow me to develop leadership and organisational skills. These are important for both university and going into the job market. As I want to be a veterinary surgeon, having good communication skills is vital and being a senior student would allow me to improve my communication skills. Over the last year, I have become more outgoing and I hope this will continue into next year. Being a senior student would mean I will take on more responsibilities within sixth form and I will be happy to do so.
    In November, I helped the current senior students with the Gatsby evening. This showed me how much planning and organisation goes into the social events. I am already organised, as I get my work in on time for all of my subjects and I’ve taken on the EPQ, on top of my other commitments. I also was a GCSE mentor with a student who needed extra support with Maths. Although I originally signed up to be a science mentor, being a mentor meant that I had to communicate clearly what I knew about the topic I was helping with. I also had to be a good listener, as I had to be able to identify what the student needed help with. Being a mentor meant that I had to be flexible because I had to help the student in the areas that they thought were important, not what I thought was important. Also, I had to change the subject I was mentoring in.
    Since September, I have volunteered at ____ City Farm on a weekly basis, which I organised myself. It is an example of my commitment, as I go, no matter what the weather is like. The public sometimes ask me about the animals and I have to try to explain what I know. If I don’t know something, I have to admit that and tell them who would know more. I think that’s an important quality in a senior student, because they won’t know everything but they might know someone who does know. It takes courage and wisdom to admit that you don’t know something. Volunteering at ___ City Farm has meant that I have to work as part of a team. The ability to work in team, I think, is one of the most important skills that senior students need, both with other students and with staff.
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Updated: June 21, 2016
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