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Family troubles

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    So my Grandmother passed away two months ago and my mother died when I was 11 (I'm 25 now).

    My father went to my aunties house on Sunday and my aunty was ripping him apart.

    My grandmother lived in my house from 2001-2011 and then shifted to my other uncle's and aunties house.

    For the last one year she had problems and she needed the nurse to attend where my grandmother lived at my aunties.

    My father used to visit my grandmother (his mom) every week. What pissed my father off was my aunty said my father only there for 5 minutes and left (which he sat for longer periods). She also commented my father does not help out like his other brother do (my mom died a long time ago), so how can he cook, prepare food when he doesn't have a wife like my other uncle's do?

    The thing is, also they don't come to our house, we always go to their house at Christmas, easter and other times, but none of my aunties and uncle's have come to my house in nearly one year (where we go at least 4 years) and they they tell us why haven't you come to their house.

    Just sounds like your auntie is a tosser tbh. Not uncommon, I don't speak to any of my father's side of the family. Funnily enough it all kicked off after his mother (my gran) died also.

    If they disrespect your mother or your father even in the slightest, break all ties with them. Your father doesn't deserve that after having to go through all the pain about your mother, and neither do you.
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    She is tosser, a liar, she lied to my father on the phone, what happened was she invited my other uncle when my father and uncle was in the car together, however, when my father said on my phone, you didn't invite me, my aunty replied "yes I did", obviously telling porkies. She obviously doesn't respect my father hence she ripped him apart the other day.

    They also say my father doesn't do as much as my other uncles do, how can he when he doesn't have a wife, they are being very unfair towards him.

    No one is disagreeing. The solution is to cut ties. Good luck.
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Updated: June 22, 2016
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