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Muslim disowned by parents?

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    I face the real prospect of being disowned by my parents, which would lead to no communication and no chance of having my student finance forms completed. Is there a way around this without going for the basic student finance amount, which wouldn't be sustainable? Could a legal guardianship with a friends relative be pursued or is there any consideration taken for these 'exceptional' circumstances? I really can't find a way around it. I feel like providing evidence for it would also be difficult as I would be entirely cut off from all family and community members.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi CalT8

    If you become estranged from parents, you can apply as an independent student.

    Examples of Evidence
    • A letter from your social worker
    • A letter from an advice worker, personal tutor or teacher
    • If you have visited your doctor because of problems relating to your broken relationship with your parents, a letter to confirm your circumstances
    • A letter from a counsellor, an organisation, employer or a charity
    • A letter from a member of the clergy, a rabbi or imam that explains that he/she was aware of the difficulties in the student’s family and their subsequent estrangement
    • A statement of incident from the police
    • A statutory declaration signed/stamped by solicitor
    • A letter from a solicitor
    • A signed and dated Estrangement declaration form* completed by any Independent person with good standing in the community.
    If you need advice you can call us: 0300 100 0607

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Updated: June 23, 2016
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