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Question about insurance accident claim

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    Got a weird one here.

    Had a prang (which was my fault) some time ago now (more than six months) and a couple of months after the prang, my insurance company contacted me and told me they would pay out x amount of money to the claimant. Fair do's.

    Now I am re-applying for car insurance and my new company have flagged up a payment that was made concerning this incident that apparently I don't know about, and it was made in the same month as the incident, almost immediately afterwards.

    Aside from not knowing what this payment was, I understood that payments will always take a few months to happen. So you have two things here - I never knew about this payment, and it happened very very quickly after the incident. That strikes me as very strange.

    Under what circumstances could this have happened? Ok, I'm going to phone my old company tomorrow and try and get to the bottom of this, but - any ideas? It may help me in what questions I ask them. Could it possibly be an administrative error, for example? Or do companies often pay out and not let you know?

    This is very weird, and is currently tripling my quote. Any ideas are welcome.

    Payments to third parties such tow truck company, ambulance fees are sometimes settled immediately.

    Also, hire car payments are usually paid quickly. As are intern payments, should the claimant be self employed.
    I'm not having the best of luck at the minute and have 3 claims going through for different things.
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    Update - I have after much phoning around found out that this info is incorrect for some reason, however it is what the broker is "seeing on their system" - I have to provide proof of the actual claim and payments and dates apprently, which the other companies are being rather lax to provide. Hopefully, chipping away at this will get me there, but this is very frustrating.

    Edit - also this company are refusing to phone the other insurance companies, stating that it's "against their policy".

    I've never come across anything like this before re. car insurance, it's obviously some kind of administrative error.
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Updated: June 23, 2016
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