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Your favorite life story? :D

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    What's the one story that happened to you that you just love telling others about? :D

    Year 8 film project:

    The film was a typical rags to riches story - a homeless guy saves a rich guy's life.

    When we shot the first scene when this thing happens, two of the actors (who were supposed to show up later in different costumes) passed by the camera playing football. So I decided to yell "Cut!", repeating it several times while approaching it and shaking it until they stopped recording.

    One of the actors was supposed to burp but he failed several times. So we had to record the burp separately and put it in later.

    The director and co-director had an argument on the direction of the film when we were supposed to film an escape scene. The only footage we got was of someone's ear.

    In the end, the deadline was fast approaching with a film without much footage. I was already angry at the team for being so inefficient and getting nothing done. They video recorded my rant and put some of it in the actual film. "This film is so mesmerising, so amazing that it doesn't just deserve 1 Oscar, it deserves 3 Oscars."

    The film ended up having my rant at the start, then a "From the Creators" segment with my own sarcastic made-up film titles. It was just a series of goofs, including my camera shaking, the recording of someone's ear and a classmate getting knocked over by a bike.

    Everyone looked at it with shock. Needless to say, we didn't win.

    When I missed seeing Prince William in the flesh because I decided to go to the toilet. Basically I was in a pub in canterbury which was opposite a church where a funeral of one of william's friends was occurring and so they decided to go to the pub to have lunch as they had a private bit upstairs, but as they came in I was heading up to the toilet and so by the time I had finished prince william was out of sight.
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Updated: June 24, 2016
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