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    Hello! As stated above I am a Canadian international applicant to Oxford and I am in my junior year of high school (grade 11). I am studying under the Canadian curriculum (as in I'm not doing the IB or AP program) and I had some questions. Hopefully these can be answered by someone who was in the same situation as me and got accepted but I'm not picky.

    Well for starters, on the Oxford website it says that Canadian students need to have had an 85% minimum in grade 12 diploma courses as a requirement. However, when I apply I'll only have begun grade 12 and won't even be close to finishing my courses. Does this mean that Oxford will take my grade 11 courses and then wait for my grade 12 results or do I need to wait until after I finish grade 12?

    Next, I'm hoping to apply for biomedical sciences so I'll be taking chemistry and biology; however, due to the fact that I've had to switch schools, my schedule got a bit messed up and I have to now take chem 20-1 in my first semester of grade 12. Will this hurt my chances of getting in or should I just study it over the summer and challenge it at the beginning of grade 12?

    Sorry if this is really long haha, I mostly only need an answer to the first question because I don't want to apply and then find out I'm not even eligible. Thanks in advance.

    Hi there,

    I am also an international applicant. I am applying for biological sciences(Oxford)-this year.
    Since Canadian school system does not offer predicted grades I am afraid that you will have to finish 12th grade and then apply.

    For the second situation, I would recommend studying chem during summer and maybe preparing for BMAT.

    Just wanted to give a friendly advice. My arguments are based solely on assumptions so...
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Updated: June 23, 2016
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