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I Just Cried....So Upset

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    (Original post by Deyesy)
    The Samaritans are open 24/7 365 days of the year. It's a freephone number now too. Please reach out to them OP.
    (Original post by Blondie987)
    You're not a bother at all! Don't worry, I know the first one for Samaritans is 24 hour, I'm not sure about the other two, the last one is also specifically for men going through things like this so even if you can't contact them tonight it would be a good idea to phone them at some point, start with the Samaritans though
    Btw isnt that for christians only?

    (Original post by Shapez)
    Do you know who it was? Ill teach them a lesson not to write something like that.
    There were some really insensitive posts but they've been dealt with now. There's no need to escalate it

    (Original post by Shapez)
    Btw isnt that for christians only?
    From what I know, it was started by a vicar but isn't a religious organisation so nopes, they're not. I don't want to derail the thread either, so hopefully we can get back to focussing on the OP too ^^

    (Original post by Deyesy)
    There were some really insensitive posts but they've been dealt with now. There's no need to escalate it
    ok lol

    One thing to constantly remind yourself: You could always have it worse. Your situation doesn't sound pleasant at all, but compare yourself to people who have it way worse than you, not those who have a seemingly better life than you. Remember everyone has hidden problems - you're not the only one.

    Things will improve. Have faith. ❤️

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    me and my siblings do not talk at all, I literally can't remember the last time.
    Literally same
    I'm 22 and haven't had an actual conversation with 2 of my brothers (older than me) since we were kids.
    When I was about 10, one of them just totally stopped speaking to me and we don't acknowledge each other's existence and have only said 10-15 words to each other in years, lol. Really don't understand it.

    The other brother hardly even speak to our mum.

    Anyway, a few things you've said remind me of my past self when I was just lost and felt worthless. It takes time, but things DO get better. With every great difficulty comes ease, you have to persevere.

    On the plus side, you at least have a job, don't underestimate that. When I was your age I literally couldn't get employed. Now at 22, I'm finally having my first real interview for a job I'll hopefully be able to secure.

    As for whoever left your life;
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Updated: June 22, 2016
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